Click here  James Cameron’s Avatar The Game 2010 Serial Number in my new website :

Serial No : ….

Activation Key: ….

HardwareID : …

  1. Ramandimbisoa says:

    Where is the serial plz?

  2. amarjot says:

    plz help…my hardware id is AEA5E528D63D043147D0DCFBA382E968
    give me the activation key

  3. sNNyyy says:

    Plz help my hdwr id is EE1C13B19B0003398F5DE6717175C76F i need a activation key plz help

  4. ivan says:

    my hardver id:B62A9E1FF7369AFB9B89F26BF078D8CE plz helppppppp my…… neeed key generator tanks

  5. Dejan says:

    95FFC89C7FEB0E4AE4D25B75022F0DC1….. need activation key pls…!

  6. ahmed says:

    plz my id:B79D5E639FDE8ADBB3CE2F542DAB484D

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